7 Innovative Methods Which Will Surely Boost Your Twitter Presence


When you are starting out with your business’ social media presence, what is twitter and how to use twitter can be some common questions. Presence on social media and interacting with your twitter users is important to the growth of your business. While you can follow any twitter blog, no piece of advice benefit you than these 7 ways to boost your presence on Twitter. Read on to know exactly what is twitter and hot to use it for your business to get the most twitter followers:

What any twitter blog might not tell you is that tweets that contain links have generation rate of about 85% more re-tweets. Therefore, inserting links in your tweets increases the chances of re-tweet and promote user engagement.

Tweets that are short, with less than 100 characters, have known to be getting 21% more attention than their counterparts. Keep your tweets short and give your followers enough room for interaction. The content must be crisp and appealing.

Eye-catching images and contents attract most twitter followers. Inserting images and other media with your post increases the chances of re-tweet. The content with images becomes more captivating. Make sure your social media marketing strategy puts emphasis on visual marketing.

An important lesson about how to use twitter for your business is to engage twitter chats. While it requires a little bit of an effort, if reaps rich dividends as it greatly influences your followers on the social network.

The peak times vary according to the target audience and the time zones. Therefore, do some research and make sure you tweet regularly during the peak hours. Do not be afraid to experiment and determine which the best time for your tweets is.

Facebook is extremely important when considered in social media marketing. Streaming your tweets on Facebook is a great way to boost and multiply your social media presence. Linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts together will give you a great audience boost. By operating them with interlinking, you can access your entire social media network in one go.

Having a Twitter wall that is visualized and appealing to the eye is always better than a boring plain textual wall. Live events allow your twitter users to post photos and messages on your wall and increase its visual appeal. Life on Live Twitter allows you to build a level of interaction between you and your followers. This healthy engagement goes a long way for your social media presence.

Without a doubt, social media marketing done via Twitter can help you gain excellent results and make your business reach new heights. An engaged audience directly equals to higher gains. Follow these tips, and your Twitter presence will flourish for sure!