9 Sure Shot Tips To Increase The Number Of Your Twitter Followers


Twitter is one of the top social networking platforms, and not using it properly is simply a waste of resources. Using it for marketing and personal contact can do wonders for your business and social media presence.  Getting free twitter followers is essential to boost your business. Gaining free followers is not an easy task, as it becomes tough as you proceed.

Getting more people to hit the twitter follow button for you is important to reach out to a bigger audience. Getting free followers is not our only aim, as what we want is engagement of a bigger audience on your twitter feed.

Follow these tips to get more people to hit the twitter follow button on your profile quickly:


Having a good Avatar and Profile Picture will attract more followers to your profile. A profile that exhibits a better outlook and is visually appealing will surely fetch you more followers than a boring one.

This one requires a little bit of research. According to your region and target audience, there is a peak time when the traffic and user engagement on twitter is maximum. Make sure you are tweeting regularly during or around this time. However, do not go on a spree and fill your twitter feed with too many tweets. Finding the balance is the key.

The first thing that a visitor checks out on your account is your profile bio. Having an attractive and up to date profile bio ensures good user engagement and a good number of followers. Keep your profile bio updated and appealing.

Tagging other users with the @Message tool is a great way to promote user engagement. Research shows the using this trick significantly increases the re-tweet rate and followers engagement. Use the tool in your tweets to promote engagement.

Quite a few of them. Asking questions is shown to promote the user engagement and re-tweet rate on Twitter. Dedicate some time in asking questions and it will surely reap you great results.

While having a variety is good, sticking to a specific type or genre of tweets is good to garner a good target audience. Having a type of tweets will promote user engagement based on the target user base.

Link your Twitter account with other social media network accounts such as Facebook. Cross-platform social media presence is a great way to garner extensive follower base on social websites.

Once you have decided your niche, follow other users in the same genre. This gives you a chance to target existing audience with the same interests as your page.

Listing yourself in Twitter directories will help people on twitter to find you who have interest similar to those offered by your page. Listing yourself in directories will fetch you free Twitter followers.

Follow these tips and you will usually gather a large twitter follower base in no time!