I Know The Way To Hack Facebook And Get Traffic & Cheaper Leads


Having a user base spanning over a billion people, Facebook is one of the biggest advertising platform out there. Facebook has become the go-to advertising network for businesses as well as marketers. You might wonder how do I make my Facebook page and Facebook profile to get cheaper traffic, or how do I get cheaper leads for my Facebook campaign. We have the ideal solution for you, as we teach you how to hack Facebook account for relevancy with ease.

Similar to Google’s Quality Score, Facebook’s relevance score is a measure of the experience and quality delivered by your Facebook Ad. If you are wondering how does my Facebook relevance score is calculated, it is done by user’s experience such as the average time spent by a user on your landing page, or re-direct links given by you in your posts.

Great user experience from your ads and marketing campaigns directly boosts your Facebook relevance score. Positive feedback from Facebook friends in their Facebook search yields your page a good relevance score. There are three major factors, namely time spent on site, pages viewed, and the click through rate, which will affect your relevance score.

To know the answer to that question, you do not necessarily need to know how to hack Facebook account. To relevancy hack Facebook, you can target the most common behavior out on the internet – reading content.

For acquiring low cost leads that can directly fetch you new customers, follow  the following steps

While we are going to increase the Relevance Score on Facebook profile by using content, you can simultaneously use it as a check-point to make sure the traffic being directed to your opt-in offer is already qualified to an extent. For instance, an article which pre-disposes church leaders such as priests and pastors to the idea of a smartphone application to direct the congestion.

Once your content on your landing page or website is ready, make sure to have Facebook’s pixel setup for garnering a Facebook base that consists of people who come in for reading the content. An even better option is to use Connectio or a similar tool for building an audience that spent more than a minute while reading your content. You can use this list and their Facebook friends for your re-targeting campaigns.

Now, you have an audience being built by Facebook and content that is ready to be published. This makes you ready for driving traffic. With the simple process using a small paragraph, a headline, and a main feature image, you should aim to have a campaign that fetches a $0.05 to $0.30 per click and hold 60% -80% of the audience who read the content.

Make sure you turn the audience that you garner into profitable leads. Run re-targeting campaigns by using the Facebook audience you have built.

Use this relevancy hack and experience up to 50% reduction in cost per lead for sure!