Types of Affiliate Advertisement Programs


While running a website, the key objective is no doubt advertising your own business. However, there are some ways to earn more money than the usual business. These means include the most prolific way of getting an affiliate program for this purpose. The affiliate programs are offered online and they help you make money if you simply allow such companies to display their advertisements on your own website. This has now become one of the most common and important way through which you can easily monetize the website to join any type of the affiliate network. This is how you are simply allowing the advertisers to access your website by only posting some type of advertisements on it. This doesn’t mean that they are going to own your website. With the help of this thing, you will simply connect your website to the bundles of versatile advertisers and most of the networks find it very easy to add the code to your actual website.

The most common types of Affiliate programs are given below.

This kind of affiliate programs is meant to pay you every time for every click on the ad displayed on the web page. One of the most popular and well known pay per click affiliate network is the Google Ad-sense that has actually established its name very well within these current days.

This option is often offered by the affiliate programs that are being run and asked This option is for advertisers that are looking for people to join or sign-up. This is found very common within the financial companies and services in which the companies look for the leads in order to sell the product such as the insurance. One of the most famous pay per lead affiliate network is the Commission Junction.

This one is also plain and simple method of earning the money. You can simply start the posting and advertisement of any specific product and you will be paid according to the sale percentage that has been generated by the ad you have posted. One of the most famous affiliate network within this area is the ClickBank, LinkShare and the Commission Junction.

This option is actually new in this field as it allows you to pay when the user has completed the action. To apply this approach, there are actually two main types: one of the most highlighted and important one is performed with the help of the InfoLinks where they actually highlight the links on the website and you will be paid if the user opens the link and hold it enough such that for 2 seconds. The other important way is little new and that is why it is, pay per call. Both, the FlexOffers as well as the Commission Junction offers some new programs that have designated the 1-800 numbers specifically for the website and this is how you will get the lead payment if someone calls.

This is actually the option directed towards the bloggers. The pay-per-post is the major player within this area as you get the commission whenever you write the blog post regarding that particular product