What is Private Blog Network (PBN)


Building private blog networks are the order of the day. The private blog networks are famous around the world and are keeping their clients engaged all the times. The idea has been taken from the private sites where many of the known bloggers gathered to express their ideas. It led to the idea of private blogging, which is flourishing with the passage of time. Now the private blogging network is making huge money from across the world. It started as part time business and has gone up to making a huge success.

The private blog network is created by following simple steps, including finding and getting registered with the domain. The step is then followed by installing WordPress Plus and some other common plugins. It takes some changes in default widgets and permalinks. All it takes to add unique and fresh written content along with the audio or video support. One may also add some pictures to support the articles. There are some requirements of creating a base page that holds information about the blog ideas and contact information. One is advised to wait for three weeks at least before getting linked with money sites. Then it is quite easy to get added outbound links to the money sites.

Having control in PBN SEO is powerful. With one network, you can easily dictate anchor text along with the links and simply test to find out what works. You will not get this freedom with any other link building strategy.  Let’s say worst case scenario, you get a manual penalty. Since you have control, you can simply remove the links and the penalty will be revoked. This is nearly impossible to get the removal of the manual action if you have built up the GSA links or you have bought the links on the sites that you are not actually owning.

The Private Blog Networks are much more powerful because you are actually taking the authority of the trusted and aged website. As you have been experienced then it is very difficult to get such type of links naturally. So, if you are relying on the private blog networks then you will not have to spend any time in building the relationships. While, this is not the best thing, but it can surely save your time.

Most of the PBN SEO’s actually rely a lot onto the private blog networks, and this is how they make the biggest mistake. After so many years, Google has actually destroyed the SEO which is not diversified and is only relying on the method of single link building. It is advised that one should evaluate the risk of a link building strategy. Then, you decide how much capital and time to allocate to that strategy. For instance, one can easily invest in riskier stocks as it can provide the potential return which will be much more. But above all, these risky stocks actually compose only the small percentage of the entire portfolio. This is exactly how you should approach link building and private blog networks. Apart from all these, PBN Hosting is also gaining place so if you don’t want to build your own blog, you can actually take the help of the PBN hosting to host your website and generate more traffic in this way.

PBN’s should supplement your other link building efforts. They must not succeed the important activities of the authority building like the cultivation of the relationships within industry, promotion of content and the creation of the assets of the content. If you actually keep the PBN links in between the 5 to 20% of the entire link profile, then you are actually safe. One of the other key thing is the avoidance of the expired domains as these expired domains can have a bad impact on the PBN.